Devon Sinclair was born in Philadelphia and grew up a short distance away in Upper Darby. Devon was privileged to grow up in the Upper Darby school district which respected and valued its arts department tremendously.



 Middle school presented Devon with the opportunity to join every club and intramural sport possible, but more importantly perform in his first show ever (Annie) as Man 2...such humble beginnings. It was then that Devon found himself in an unhealthy relationship with the stage. ​

"Once upon a time I stepped on a stage...

....and I lived  happily ever after"

Devon continued his artistic passions with Upper Darby Summer Stage, and its dynamic show choir, The Shooting Stars. Throughout these crucial years, Devon discovered his creative interests and began his choreographic career with the many establishments that helped mold him in his youth.


While attending the Pennsylvania State University, Devon found a special home in the Penn State Thespians, Penn State Singing Lions, and Urban Dance Troupe. It was with these families that Devon fostered his passions for choreography and directing.


Devon is continuing to explore what the Philadelphia Theatre scene has to offer and couldn't be happier to be from such an amazing city.